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Tambour Embroidery Needle 80 (Schmetz)
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Tambour Embroidery Needle 80 (Schmetz)


Needle for Luneville Tambour Embroidery Hook number 80.

Super fine pins 30x0.55mm Super fine pins 30x0.55mm
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Super fine pins 30x0.55mm


200 extra thin pins, 30 mm x 0.55 mm
Ideal for light to soft weight fabrics. Essential for all dressmakers.
Ideal pins for frame tape.

Made in France.

Twill tape 2 X 4 meters White color Twill tape 2 X 4 meters White color
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Twill tape 2 X 4 meters White color


2 pieces of twill tape of 4 meters. This is enough to stretch both sides of your embroidery frame.

Color: white
Width: 3 cm

Frame for Tambour/Luneville embroidery Frame for Tambour/Luneville embroidery
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Frame for Tambour/Luneville embroidery


Embroidery Frame for Haute Couture Embroidery. Ideal frame for luneville/tambour embroidery.

Large Embroidery Frame size is 100*140 cm 
Twill Tapes for mounting your frame (2*4metres), Spool Thread holder is included in the package.

Bohin Fine Line Mechanical Chalk Pen Bohin Fine Line Mechanical Chalk Pen
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Bohin Fine Line Mechanical Chalk Pen


The Bohin chalk mechanical pencil is the best on the market for embroidery or sewing.
This pencil comes with a package of 6 Assorted chalks ( 2xwhite, 2xrose, 2x light grey). The refills are 6cm in length.
The chalk is 0.9mm thick which produces a sharp crisp mark for sewing.

Bohin Milliners needles Bohin Milliners needles
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Bohin Milliners needles


BOHIN Straw-Milliners Needles, no. 10
-Sharp point
-Long oval shaped eye
-Used for canvas work & embroidery fabrics

Exceptional polish for smooth glide through fabric. Fine point to minimize holes. Eye polished with a unique process to minimize breaking thread. Maximum strength, minimum bending.

15 needles in pack

Best needles for sewing and embroidery.


Spool Thread holder Spool Thread holder
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Spool Thread holder


Hand made wooden Spool thread holder on Your frame.
Ideal tool for luneville/tambour embroidery.

Luneville hook with needles 70,80 Luneville hook with needles 70,80
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Luneville hook with needles 70,80


Luneville hook, Tambour beading tools, Tambour handle with needle.

The tambour wooden handle together with a hook needle is a specialized embroidery tool used in French Haute Couture Embroidery.
The hook is used at Luneville embroidery and at tambour beading techniques.

Price is for the one hook with needles size 70,80, the silicone end, the leather holder.

Leather holder color may be different from the photo!!!

Hole 1 mm. You can use only needles 70 and 80.

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