Goldwork Metal Thread Scissors Goldwork Metal Thread Scissors
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Goldwork Metal Thread Scissors


Goldwork Metal Thread scissors have a fine serrated blade. The scissors are designed for cutting wires and threads for Goldwork. These scissors are a must for anyone who is using wires. The fine serration these scissors will cut through the wire with ease, without damaging your wire.

Price for 1 pc.

Mellors Laying Tool Mellors Laying Tool
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Mellors Laying Tool


Mellor Laying tool great tool for Goldwork but can also be used for other embroidery techniques. This tool is great for helping to lay threads or wires flat when sewing.

Gold plated stainless steel
Measures approximately 3 inches (7.4 cm) in length

Price for 1 pc

Small Embroidery Scissors Small Embroidery Scissors
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Small Embroidery Scissors


These tiny stainless steel scissors are ideal for various needlework uses such as: hand embroidery, cross stitch, sewing, crochet, knitting, and more.
Their minimalistic, modern design and high quality will make this pair of scissors your absolute favorite.
24K Golden handles.

Blade Length: 18mm
Overall Length: 65mm

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