Embroidered appliques set of 3 pieces- Bow Embroidered appliques set of 3 pieces- Bow
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Embroidered appliques set of 3 pieces- Bow


Handwork embroidered applique!
Decoration on a dress, suit, coat, jacket, ...
The design in the shape of a bow will suit both a little girl and a woman.
The application must be sewn over the edge of the embroidery to your product. The allowances were treated with applique paper.

Embroidery materials: crystal chain, embroidery wire, circular wire, silk organza, crystal Swarovski.
Materials only of the best quality.

Set of 3 pieces

Size: 7.5 x 4.5 cm

Silver cristal beaded applique Silver cristal beaded applique
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Silver cristal beaded applique


Rhinestone beads handmade applique.
 Application embroidered on thin tulle. You can cut out the embroidery and sew as an application, or leave the embroidery on the tulle and design the neckline of your dress.

Suitable for bridal dress, evening dress and for special events.

Measurement: 25x15 cm

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