Applique Cat

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The embroidered appliqué is a handmade masterpiece crafted with love and skill. The central element of this embellishment is an adorable kitten created using the technique of Lunéville crochet, silk threads, and sequins. This embroidery not only beautifully adorns children's dresses but also serves as an exquisite addition to T-shirts. Do you have any other ideas?

The distinctive feature of this appliqué is the presence of an adhesive layer on the reverse side, facilitating its application to fabric. For secure fixation, simply peel off the protective paper from the appliqué, place it on the fabric, and iron the appliqué on the reverse side. It is then recommended to sew the embroidered element along the contour to ensure longevity and resilience of the decoration.

Cat-15x12 cm ( 5.9x4.72 inch)

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