Summer time is wonderful walk on the field, picking flowers and enjoying the lovely smells. The cute summer scarf is on. In hand it is taken macrame beach bag. Let’s jump up on the bike and head down to the beach. The wind is in your hair and you can hear the waves. Once there, you will enjoy watching the glittering water and the boats bobbing in the harbor.

The fine summer set includes a silk scarf( silk organza) and a cotton macrame bag. The set is decorated with a hand embroidery (more than 20 hours of an embroidery). On a silk scarf the 3D butterfly is embroidered on Luneville technique. The handbag is weaved in the technique of a macrame and decorated with embroidered 3D flowers. In an embroidery only the best sequins from the French producer are used. Flowers decorate Swarovski crystals.
Blue color 
Beige color

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