Color and quality matches the description. Arrived fast. Thank you!

Usuru Aug 13, 2021

Very soft yet beautiful wire. More suitable for embroidering elements rather than finishing brooch borders. I enjoyed working with it.

Anastasija Apr 3, 2023

Very nice threads! Will work well for many different projects. So happy they got here with all the upheaval in the world. Thank you!

AoibhinnGrainne Apr 1, 2023

Always a great place to get goldwork materials!!

gingman Apr. 4, 2021

Thank you very very much for the beautiful products, for the small gifts from you, for your help to make the best of my order. It arrived very quickly!

Stella Nov. 9, 2021

Hello dear Kristina,I have already received the parcel. Thank you so much for the gift

Jolanta Jan 6 , 2022

Fast international postage and good quality item, thank you

Jill Jan 23, 2022

Beautiful product with smooth wooden handle and well-made leather cover. The needles are fine and precise. It arrived very quickly. Love it!

Dia Feb 15, 2022

Beautiful beads and super quick delivery :)

Haues Feb 8, 2022

Beautiful paillettes. Happy with my order

Antonietta Apr 23, 2023

Very beautiful rhinestones. I recommend

beatrice Jun 5, 2023

great wool to embroider, fast shipping, delighted with my purchase

Marie Febr 23, 2024

great quality of the yarns, super packed, the delivery was very fast, I am happy if I can embroider with it soon, gladly again

Anke Nov 23, 2023

Excellent tutorial! Really enjoyed it !

A Nov 15, 2023

High quality. Fast shipping. I will order more from this store. Thank you

Larisa Jan 13, 2024

Everything worked well and the sequins gave me a lot of joy.

Mandy May 28, 2023

cannt wait to see how i use them but they are lovely

Nancy Jul 21, 2023

Loved the store! Everything is very beautiful!

Larisa Jul 6, 2023

Excellent quality & service! Many thanks!

Martin Jun 22, 2023

Beautiful yarn!!!

Monika Aug 7, 2023

This ribbon is so beautiful, a joy to work with and the finished embroidery is stunning.

Julie Aug 1, 2023

Fantastic thread, very strong and perfect for tambour embroidery.

Charlotte Jun 3, 2024

Absolutely beautiful sequins I am a return customer. Packaging is so elegant

Julie Jun 1, 2024

Beautiful material for embroidery 100

Maria May 30, 2024

Excellent 100% recommended and well packaged

Maria Apr 16, 2024

Excellent product, I 100% recommend the store

Alexandra Apr 9, 2024

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